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Brick? Recovery not working

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Hello - its my first time when i write text in english. Sorry for mistakes ?


I bought orange san diego, with problem. Stuck on orange logo. 


i try using recovery, its working, but when i click on recovery (push camera button) phone restarting, i can't make wipe/factory reset. I trying aio by ricky, erase cache ok, flash update zolo ok, but after reboot still stuck on orange logo. Please help me, save my diego :)



Sorry - my english is really bad.

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If you've got the Xolo update.zip in the root of your phone you can get into recovery. Turn the phone on holding power & volume. When you see the droidboot, release your fingers and then hold power & tap volume +. You'll see a menu. Select recovery, clear the cache and then update from external storage.



If you can't get it up and running from there then try http://www.modaco.com/topic/359286-xolo-software-update-available/page-2 and read EVERY step.

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thx for reply.


i see recovery after connect device to tv(micro hdmi). Today i bought hdmi cable. :)


flashing xolo succes, but now phone stuck on this: post-1013985-0-73025000-1369680511.jpg






I use this:


1.Boot into the droidboot screen to enable fastboot

2.fastboot erase userdata(It will most likely give you an error)

3.fastboot erase cache

4.fastboot erase system

5.fastboot erase boot

6.fastboot flash boot boot.img(This is the boot.img from within the update.zip)

7.fastboot flash update update.zip


After that i found on forum manually fixbrick. I use command fastboot -i 0x8087 erase cache and later fastboot -i 0x8087 flash update bricked\update.zip


Connect to tv with micro hdmi, ota update 58mb and succes :))


Really suprise for me - phone is unlock, i can calling, writing and surfing :D


Big thanks for forum :)) I love you guys :)


And one more time i really sorry for english :))

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