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Obligatory Post Your Homescreen Thread

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I try and keep the main screen clear, with commonly used icons on screens 2&3 on the sides. Been using Nova Launcher basically since I started using android (older version though as they removed some features in an update). Grayscale icons at bottom, made those when I was using a Marilyn Monroe style pic of Angelina Jolie, I got used to them so kept them. Current wallpaper is a version of this I tweaked.



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Someone needs to teach me how to delete these replies properly - if that's even possible.

Sorry for this reply ending up giving this thread an unnecessary "bump".


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Moo, you're the most boring. Not all of you, few of you have a bit of better design but man, after seeing this post I just signed up and bla bla.. Here are two of my customization freak designs.


I am currently new on su6 and I will do one for this too, just downloaded the cm12, will download miui and test em both to see what's better



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