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[RECOVERY][ALL] TWRP 3.1.1-0 [27/05/17]

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Cool! With 8.1 branch, there where few errors (bootloader strings, missing libc++.so...) but twrp 3.2.1-0 is done with bugs! Reboot to system or power off not working and I got recovery-loop, it reboots to recovery only. New BusyBox can not compile with 4.4 branch, but can be replace after with Android Image Kitchen.

Just for testing: twrp-3.2.1-u8833. <--- DO NOT flash this image, unless you have twrp-3.1.x or cwm-6.x, both  flashable .zip and .img, for the case of emergency!!!

You have to flash another ZIP or IMG to got "normal" recovery, remove/return battery and to boot to system/recovery.

This is twrp-4.4 branch  with recovery android-8.1 branch, with busybox 1.22.x --- boot only to recovery, reboot to system/recovery/bootloader/power off DO NOT works! Changing BB to newer (1.28.x) makes recovery unbootable/blackscreen.

- twrp-4.4 branch with recovery a-7.1 branch - build twrp 3.1.1, but also reboot buttons do not work and freezes. Changing BB to newer makes recovery unbootable/blackscreen.

- twrp-6.0/7.1 branch with recocvery a-8.1 branch -- build unbootable recovery with freezing at splashscreen or reboot. I guess it is CAF vs non-CAF conflict. Recovery uses non-CAF display, and device tree uses display-caf/msm7x27a.

So, flash twrp 3.1.1 back for now. So, for twrp 3.2.1+ better to use twrp-5.1 branch and to build or build not display libraries?

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broken buttons are related to one of old twrp patch 
with that patch they broke reboots on our devices
you must to one more time  find that patch and revert it
it was somewhere around 2.8.5 version as far as i remeber

reboot and shutdown buttons then will be works just fine :--D

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Thank you, Ceastel! Can not find patch for 2.8.5/6/7, but have found where are problems!

1 - "Reboot to ..." freezing is solved by adding  init.recovery.service.rc for 5.0+ and init.recovery.hlthchrg.rc for 8.0+ to init.rc & adding

"on property:sys.powerctl=* powerctl ${sys.powerctl}" and "service adbd /sbin/adbd --root_seclabel=u:r:su:s0 --device_banner=recovery" for the case of emergency :)

"Reboot to system" now reboot to recovery, "Power off" now power down device. No more need for battery replace.

Test image TWRP 3.2.1 is here.

2 - Since Android 7.0, system and recovery need to read /misc partition! So, in BoardConfig it should change "BOARD_HAS_NO_MISC_PARTITION" to false!

After cleaning /misc partition in terminal, recovery finaly reboot to /system :) :) :)

For now, it has to been to done manualy in terminal: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p7 and reboot to system! Or as script misc.sh

* Ignore partition is full, no space left, is just writes zeros to 4MB size partition!

3 - One of bugs left, mkdir /sideload didn't help, sideload can not be enabled. In 3.1.1, sideload disconnect device from PC, adb works normaly on recovery.


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New version, is ready! Now Android 9 Pie is supported... for flashing :

TWRP- image, no problems (adb and sideload are working, in few tries).

TWRP- flashable.

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New TWRP but not tested (no more Y300).

If anyone what to try, beware - backup your phone, be ready to flash working recovery via download mode, if can not boot to system!

TWRP- built with omni-5.1 branch, because missing omnirom/system/core 4.4 branch in repo.

TWRP- build with omni-5.1 and mixed with omni-4.4.

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