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End of Line for myself!

- in next few months I can not compile ROM(s);

- LineageOS 15.1 is above half compiled, but can not be finished this year ( I am not joking ) .

  Anyone can continue work on it and every other rom, current status (manifest, boot, patches, compiled files) is on MEGA.nz

- I am do not have Y300 anymore , so no ROM testing :(  [but still can build ROMs, in future, for known android versions (KK/LP/MM)], because Y300 is swapped for Y7 Prime 2018  :)

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Thanks you so much Adeii for your great work on ROMs for y300, I don't have anymore my y300 too. It was very fun to test your ROMs for that old phone, I have learned many things about the world of Android.


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In theory, Treble project enables that phones with 8.0+ boot can run custom rom by just flashing generic system image (GSI).

Example GSI of Lineage 15.1 is https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/releases/download/lineage-v21/system-arm-aonly-vanilla-nosu.img less that 900MB.

Problem with old phones: is no compatible kernel, new kernel use much more space (linux part, some vendor drivers), all drivers (vendor files) must be added after GSI to /system partition or separate /vendor partition that our phones do not have. Maybe /cust can be used and rename as /vendor in fstab. But for kernel... I still do not see way to run oreo on Y300/G510.

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