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[REQUEST] Android GO for ZTE Blade / Libra / V880 / San Francisco

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Yes this old phone maybe called dead...

...but call me nostalgic...

I like this small piece of 2011s crap ;)

Will someone resurrect the ZTE Blade with android GO?
maybe  konstaT is a littl' bit nostalgic, too 3:)  // or just for a POC (Proof Of Concept)...



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the harsh truth is that the Blade is dead :) It's a 9 year old smartphone after all. Tech has moved on since arm v6, people have moved on since the 3.5 inch screen. The only reason remembered about it, is because I found it during a huge house clean. If it still works, it's better used a non-smart phone. You know, to make calls and write SMS. And that's if it works - mine has a dead spot that doesn't respond to touch right where the app drawer icon is...

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