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Remove the simlock on SPV/SPV E100 with SPVUnlock 2.0 !

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Now you can remove the simlock on your SPV/SPV E100 with the latest ROM (1.6 !!!)...

Use SPVunlock 2.0 on this website :


In english :




Also here


EDIT: You can download SPVunlock2c.zip from here ->SPVUnlock2c.zip

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Guest aardwolf

(New to forums - Hope I'm doing this right?)

Am getting futher with this version, but a password is required. The 3 defaults ones the program tries all fail. Anyone got any ides?

Many thanks

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Guest aardwolf

My apologies - I have just realised this thread relates to SPV and SPV E100. I have Orange SPV E200 (Voyager), so my question now changes to:

Does 'SPVunlock2' work on the E200 (Voyager (actually 'NM8Voyager'))?

ROM version

Model HT345.....

Apologies, and thanks again

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Guest SmartGuy
I'm using SPV1 model by Smart here in the Philippines. I tried the process but it doesn't ask for code, it just says INVALID SIM!

Can anyone help, tnx!


What is your ROM version? and bootlooder version?

I forgot my code at home so I cannot try it here at my office. Another problem is that I do not have a Globe sim at home :cry:

I did got to finish the process with no problem. Going to test it out once I have the chance. I have 1.6 ROM of smart.

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