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E200 Issues List UPDATED:(27.01.04)

Guest Will

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Hello all, i've condensed and compiled a list of the 'issues' with this phone, please use the other sticky, called Issues - Discussion to add more issues or explanations as necessary, i will update this list regularly.

When adding an item, please provide a good description so the problem can be replicated.


Issues: *stuff that does not work correctly/at all

Wishes: *stuff we wish they would do.

Errors: *stuff that is just plain wrong.

Confirmation: *stuff i cannot find more info on!

Blue Items : WOW what a good idea!!



Buzzing during call (all varieties, incoming,headset,outgoing). echo's feedback etc.

---I've offered to send my e200 to MrOrange for him to hear for himself

Clicking and crackling during games, (strippoker and some others).

---see above. (might be a code issue, AIM have responded they are aware.)

Sound levels for ring tone & alerts drop after using roll-up keyboard or using the remote control app from MS.


T9 Saved text gets lost from phone.

---words added into t9 are lost again after a normal power off.

T9 display glitch.

---Type an SMS using T9 and if you get the right length of word that over-runs a display line, when you use "0" to cycle through word options the first letter will be dropped off the word until you de-select it. I tried to type "tired", got "three" then it changed to "ired" until I entered a space when it reverted to "tired".


Email polling not working when on a different tab in your inbox

---I think this happens because if you do not leave your inbox tab on your email account that email account is not active. You can confirm this by running Task Manager. If inbox is set on the SMS account, only SMS is active. If MMS is selected then only MMS is active.

Email Download, downloads wrong message.

---When choosing to 'download' an entire message, the header gets confused, and does not download. Also applys to requests to delete emails. Resulting in wrong message downloaded/deleted.

Emails Lost when downloading from 2 servers.

---When I have an email in my inbox, if I poll for other email, when I recieve them, the 1 I had in the inbox disappears!


Insert sounds in MMS messages - you can't!

---Open a new MMS message and select Menu/Insert/Sound,Then select Browse/Phone/Storage card and that´s as far as it gets, you can´t browse anywhere!

---If I send an MMS, as soon as I click to send, the phone tells me it has been sent (striaght away of course - so I guess THIS is the bug - it pops up far too quick for it to be a REAL and TRUE notification that it has been sent).Then the GPRS connected logo comes on, and stays on.


Automatic Profile not changing.

---If a series of different events run without breaks, the profile never changes, if there is a break, it works.


---if you have a series of days in your calendar each with an all day appointment and nothing else (no timed appointments), the appointments do not change from day to day, they remain on the first all day appointment until there is a day with a timed appointment which then causes the change.


---not being able to move a metre from the handset without serious interference; tech support have tested several bluetooth headset and admit there is a fault.

---Bluetooth keeps turning itself on when turning the phone on, you have to turn it off and on again to turn it off!.


Backlight timeouts not working correctly.

---It seems that even when an app overrides the settings, the phone still turns off the backlight, and it keeps it on randomly longer(than in settings) when not using an app.

Temporary IE files not used.

---when browsing the size of the temporary folder NEVER increases.

Missing 176 pixels

---The bottom row is white and unused, white row of pixels at the bottom of the screen went black on the left and right blending to black in the middle but didn't survive a soft reset, wierd huh?!

---Media player volume can't go higher than what's in the volume keys. Say you set the volume to 50% using the sidekeys, open media player, the volume can only be adjusted from 50% down to 0%, if you want to increase the volume you have to use the side keys, hit done then fine adjust it down.


Stuff we really wanted, but did not get!

Bluetooth modem connection - where is it?

Voice Calling (as advertised)

9-way joystick

sms delivery reciepts Ability to turn them on for all messages/off for all messages, rather than having to select it for each message.

Bluetooth handsfree profile.

No bluetooth automatic mode

---Blutooth enables itself when making/recieving a phonecall just for use with blutooth headsets)

Ability to switch T9 language when writing a message.

Bluetooth sending of files, sounds, images, and videos etc from the phone, via OS itself.

Ability to have different ringtones for each contact on the SD card, and all the numbers tied to that contact will use their ringtone (not just their defaulted one).

sim toolkit/manager. to import contacts from sim. Wish GRANTED! (Now on orange Update)

Voice Dialling


MMS contact navigation should work as looking for contacts when making a call. Not having to scroll the whole list.

Stuff that would be 'really cool': (a quick list of things that you can add in an update to make us happy!)

Navigation within media player

Ringtones from the SD card

Like the ringtones, the alarm could also be a WMA file. (Currently only WAV files can be selected.)

Ability to switch off the alarm completely once it's gone off

---(i.e. not playagain tomorrow) rather than simply stop it for this instance.

An alarm that can be set for different times on different days, or even not at all (e.g. weekend).

Please add more T9 languages! I.e swedish on my part and I think some other languages were requested too.

When selecting special characters (when pressing and holding the # key on the E200 keypad) how about putting the most frequent used characters in top of the list? Would be VERY useful. (or at least put it as an option in the settings)

Let T9 suggest the most used word (by the user) as the first option when doing T9! Also make it continously learn/remember this.

Ability to switch off the alarm after you hit snooze. For example, I hit snooze, then decide to get up and get in the shower and now my alarm just went off again while I'm in the shower!

Give MSN messenger the same emoticons as in the PC version?

Option to delete all email

Keep media player's screen on when playing video files.

An option to stop the joystick answering calls when keylock is on.

The ability to download files from IE.

The ability to save file attachments in the inbox to where you want.

Battery status default showing % time left at the homescreen status bar, when charging too.

The volume buttons on the side are too often pressed by accident, they should be harder to press. The volume should been shown on the status bar, not a full screen where you have to press "done" alle the time.

Xbar functionality default in the OS!

Much better control over buttonlight, backlight, blinking status light etc.

MP3 files as ringtones and alarms.

Backup functionality for the phone and all its settings and data.

Outlook notes should sync as default.

SMS compose should change the From in the inbox (from the unknown number to the known name)

Looping Alarm

Alarms for Outlook tasks

The ability to reassign the camera button to something else (how many times do I hit it by mistake!)

The call history should also display which line the call came in or was made on.


Let me read and write to my DaneElec SD card! It worked on my E100...

The complex key sequences to insert a '0' using t9.

When you click on "SMS (1)" it actually went to the SMS Inbox rather than the last random folder you were in


SD card in the phone decreases batterylife by a significant amount.

Email signature problems

Can't select flight mode in-flight

There seems to be a problem surfacing with "Sharing violations" when using Smart Explorer you see question marks over the .lnk icons. This seems to manifest itself as an inability to delete, uninstall program files and downloads by the normal method.

Please Discuss HERE

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