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E200 Full sim unlock! (£20 cost)

Guest mcwarre

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Guest Alfa155

Hi all. ^_^ I'm ready to unlock my 04 e200 (new) but i have no paypal account :roll: .... is it possible to pay by cheque or credit card over the phone and then proceed from there

btw how much is a brand new e 200 worth with all acessories hard case and 128sd card all boxed :D and hopfully unlocked :roll:

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Hello all, I am new to this forum and have been trying to SIM unlock my E200 without having to pay, I have tried the unlock from the French site (as from jcinfo) but it does not seem to work. If anyone has gotten this to work then please tell me what I am doing wrong;

1.create a new directory for the Orange version patch

2.put the unlock exe in this directory

3.run the Orange patch, choose to specify a directory to save the files and put these in the same directory as the unlock exe.

5.run the patch.

No joy ^_^

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I take it all back...

did the same as above but ran the unlock file after unpacking the orange update to the directory but before continuing with the orange upgrade and lo and behold I got a DOS box up with a "do you want to continue", ok'ed that and flashed the system and I am now on my Voda SIM ! ^_^

Vive la France!

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Guest Coolboy1982

Hey guys.

I am ready to try the FRench thing too.

Can someone post an exact how-to in English?

Another thing, does this only work with the French update, or can I use the UK one too?

I have a UK Rom and don"t want to mess things up.

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Guest Stryper Aquila
hey it can be done for free. do it yourself it took me only around 15 min. (just an upgade) the unlock exe does work.


I second the motion on this. NO SWEAT :D Just your PC and the softwares needed..of course with E200 phone :D

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Guest fluffcat1
Honestly 20 GBP is way too much, since you can get a full working phone for less than 30 gbp...

Perhaps. but o.p was *****2 YEARS***** ago and not only was the phone more expensive, there was no free unlock patch readily available - any reason for commenting on this old thread or are you just bumping your post count?


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No, I was just suggesting that there should be some discount for unlocking e200 :D

Honestly, this phone is not worth 30+20 GPB anymore.


I've never understood why to pay to unlock the phone while thre's the utility to unlock freely by myself... :)

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