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I have 3 MPx Pocket PC Phone, prerelease

Guest avale

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Guest boeboe

Here's the final news:

The motorola mpx 220 is released worldwide on october 15th

The motorola Mpx(300) will be released November 30th in europe and

january 2005 for the US.

Hope this helps for people who are awaiting these devices.

Ps.If there's somebody who can deliver me an Mpx 300 please let me know via this forum.I am eager to test one out.

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Guest Dumdidum

We at pocketpc.ch could test one sample which we got from Orange. It was very disappointing, it crashed all the time, further the screen is really really small! But it's still a very innovativ device...

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Guest Underdog_2k
I have one too (black), but I'm working for NieuweMobiel.

Which ROM versions are they?

What's the difference between the silver and black version if any?

rumors say black version is the more exclusive / Expensive version?

any truth to that?? :)

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