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PAYG O2 Online Sim and MMS Problem on E100

Guest tattoo_uk

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Hi guys

Have got all the answers I needed so far from this site and my E100 has a new lease of life apart from one thing.

I cannot receive MMS, I have checked the repository and entered the settings for all the O2 PAYG connections and it all appears to be working apart from receiving MMS.

I can send them fine and they arrive quickly at the destination, just that when I send one from my other mobile back to my O2 phone I do not get anything, no mms, and not even a text message to advise me to go to a web site to view the image.

I have done the following:

Contact O2 and got GPRS and MMS enabled.

I have the G at the top of the home screen showing that GPRS is active.

I can send pics till the cows come home and they arrive fine.

Sending pics the other way does nothing, they send fine but no arrival.

If anyone can lend a hand it would be very much appreciated.

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hey, i have the same problem, but on the classic spv. I called o2 but they said that you simpley can't receive mms with o2 due to some built in orange weirdness(:?) though i think it works on the E200 upwards, just not us on SP2002:(!

Sorry but i think we're both screwed!

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