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My Email Response From Motorola...

Guest gsr264

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Thought you guys might be interested in this. I wrote in to moto regarding the current status of the phone. I've included my original mail and their reply. I should be hearing from their design team shortly. Hopefully their customer service reputation can be validated and I can get some info from them.

-=My original message=-

Good Evening.

I had a few questions about some things I can do with my mpx220 phone and some things you might want to do. I represent a large community of smartphone enthusiasts, and in this case, motorola smartphone enthusiasts. I am a member of four majors user-communities, and I can relay your reply to my email to them in effort to smooth things over for a phone everyone desperatly wants to love, but many are finding trouble doing. These four communities represent the largest online advocaters of microsoft smartphones and their promotion and progression. I own a 220 and am ok with it. I do seem to be finding some hiccups in it's usage that surprised me, and many users report some major flaws you should be aware of.

1. Call volume and mic volume way too low- I am hearing through the grapevine that you are trying to get cingular to ok a software load to fix this. I undertand you can't comment much on a matter that hasn't been finalized, but can you confirm a future fix for this issue in some shape or form?

2. Camera quality- After some tweaking in it's settings, the camera becomes usable, but not good. Out of the box it's horrendous. I understand this to be the fault of a bad sensor. Any hope for a fix or any tips?

3. Bluetooth- Various problems with bluetooth and Activesync I'm sure you are aware of. The lack of bluetooth voice dial seems to be related to the current Windows Mobile build, but shall we be expecting any fix for any bluetooth issues?

4. Java- The "games&apps" java runtime you have included seems to only work with java apps you download through WAP. Many of us users already posess many java apps we would like to install, and uploading them on a website so that we can download them to the phone seems to be silly. Is there a way to install them directly or a workaround?

Any answers you can give or directions you can point in would be most appreciated. Our goal as smartphone users is to publicize them and increase their popularity (thereby increasing your sales), and since we are still in the very early stages of this phone, The more info we have now, the better. If you keep me informed on these matters, It better epuips me to handle concerns from fellow users who may otherwise not buy this phone, or return it because of problems. I am definitely you friend here, please help!!

PS- I had one question just for me... is there any way to change the color of the text on the external LCD? I know there isn't in the menu system, but is it possible in the registry? I couldn't figure out if it's in a string somewhere I could change of if it's embedded in the actual rom.


-=Their reply=-

Thank you for contacting Motorola e-mail support.

First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to write this email and for taking the time to provide us with feedback via Email support team. It is through valuable feedback like yours that we are able to continually improve to better fit our customers’ needs. We really appreciate your interest in our brand and our products.

It has come to our attention via your comments that you have been experiencing a problem with our new MPX220. This type of behavior is not typical and we thank you for bringing it to our attention.

We do have multiple support teams focused on different products and aspects of our operations and we would like to specifically review the area you are referring to in your comments. I just forwarded you email to the Design Team.

Remember that Motorola, being the manufacture of the phones, will always support our products and the tech support department will make any necessary repair to ensure a properly functioning unit.

If you are experiencing any problem that you need to repair you may take the unit to a local Motorola Authorized Service Center. Please locate the link below for a nationwide listing. With this option, they may be able to send the unit to us directly and sometimes they will provide you with a loaner phone to use in the interim. They also may be able to order the parts and or make adjustments locally.


Please call ahead to ensure they are able to assist you with the level of service you may require. Shops frequently change their level of service without notifying us so it is important to call ahead of time.

You may also send the unit directly to Motorola where our technicians will make any necessary repair to ensure a properly functioning unit. Our turnaround time at our National Service Center is 10-14 business days.

Please visit the following link to obtain detailed repair information:


Additionally, we would like to offer our assistance through our Customer Support Contact Center at 800-331-6456 for any questions you may have regarding Motorola's products and services. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm CST.

Thank you for allowing us to be of your assistance.

Best regards,


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Guest Underdog_2k

Just your standard F*** off reply, and to ask a company information on how to change an piece of it's software is a user to company nono.

They don't want people to tinker with their software. ^_^

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The key is to let them know it will be benefitial for them to answer. That's why I mentioned my intent to help support the device through these usergroups.

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