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setting up GPRS on laptop with MPX220 HELP??

Guest jive

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I basicly want to be able to use the phones gprs while not in WiFi range, can anyone help me set that up? special software? when you install usb you get modem option but what is that for? i know it wont work with normal PPP ISP services.. can someone help me im using Cingular west coast (SD area) or just show me how you set it up for yours and i will fix the settings... thanks again!

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Guest sullivanpt

I don't have "my" computer in front of me so i can't give a step by step.

But the basic idea is you use control panel's network options, "make a new connection" wizard and set it up to do Dial Up networking using the GPRS modem. This will add an icon to your desktop.

Then whem your ready to make such a connection, you double click that new icon. It will establish a GPRS connection and voila, you're on the Internet.

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ok so i installed modem driver... "activated modem" then when to set up connection.. *WALL*

how do i set up a connection?

I did some digging and tried to make a regular dial up connection dialing *99***1# which then tried to authenticate.. that got me really excited but thats as far as it goes.. can anyone help?!?

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OMG FINALLY!!!! IT WORKED!!! wow FINALLY i was on a binge for like 2 days figuring this out.. heres what I did

Installed Motorola USB driver (*supplied on cd, or website here HERE )

created a Dial up connection through windows (XP sp2)

phone number = *99#

username: [email protected]

password: CINGULAR1

Next go to Control Panel>

Phone and Modems>

click on Motorola USB ... >

Properties > Advanced tab >

type +CGDCONT=1,"IP","apn_name" (*Replacing apn_name with your APN like WAP.CINGULAR <<NOTICE THE UPPERCASE!)

DONE try to connect.. worked for me! (mpx220 cingular CA w/laptop XP sp2)

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