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Help Spv Upgrade Rom

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Hi all, i'm italian guest, of this forum :(

I have a spv canary 1g whit these set:

Rom :

and i want to refresh my rom!

What is the best rom for my phone and what is the procedure of refresh?

I have another questions for us...

Where is the web page http://www.developers.orange.com/workingwi...3/04/Unlocking/

that i used for unlock my spv

I don't find in new web site of orange...

Pls Help me, and sorry for my orrible english :)

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Sorry ppl reading, following message is in italian for better explain solution.

Ciao Bello 8)

L'ultima versione ufficiale per gli Orange SPV con l'italiano (vengono dalla svizzera) e' la 1.50 e la puoi scaricare qui http://www.orange.ch/vrtmobilephones/offer...s=1103928544961

Io uso la della Orange UK.. solo in inglese francese e tedesco ma non ricordo il link. Ho letto la tua richiesta mentre cercavo nel forum :shock:



Auguroni :)

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