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Push email settings for ActiveSync Server Synchronization

Guest humayunl

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Guest humayunl

I have an imate (a.k.a. XDA II) and I am setting up ActiveSync to synchronize with the Exchange Server to enable push email supprt. But I am having trouble. I hope someone can verify my settings.

I ran the imate mail utility and it configured my device (basically configured active sync with server info etc.). I dont want to synchronize tasks and calendar so i unchecked them so only mail is synchronized.

The first time i synchronized with the server MANUALLY, it worked and downloaded the mail. However after that I set up ActiveSync PUSH settings (as follows) and then after that everytime it tried to synchronize with the server (whether automatic or manual) i get the username/pw window and even if i enter my username/pw, i get authentication error that my username/pw are incorrect.

Here are my Active sync Server settings. Please look at them and let me know if they are correct. I would really appreciate if you can tell me what the settings are supposed to be cause mine might be wrong:


In the server tab.

Server: mail.clubimate.com (use SSL is checked)

The options for the server:

username: [email protected]

pw : ******************** (it shows a lot more ****s than the characters in my PW but thats ok i guess).

Domain: dubaitelecom

Save password: Checked

Device Address options:

Question: Should I use the "Device SMS Address" option or the "Corporate Service Provider" ? I am surrently using the Corp. Service Provider option and i have entered my phone number (fully qualified i.e. with international codes and all) and in the service provider name, "Fenestrae" was already there and it defaulted so i am using that. Is that correct? ot should I be selecting the "Device SMS Address" option? If I do use it, do i enter my phone number only in that field or the email address i.e. @domain.com like the example suggests?

Mobile Schedule:

Peak Time : As items arrive

Off-peak times : As items arrive.


Hope you can help.

Thanks a lot.


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