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Anyone figured out the problem with MMS on the I-Mate Yet ?

Guest Phoenix56

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Guest Phoenix56

Somewhere in all the forums I visted and did my searching for this problem, No one has come up with a solution .

Hi everyone.

I have an I-Mate and the MMS composer will not or should I say has the drop-down boxes that will let me configure the settings to T-Mobile for MMS. I've done all the configs everyone has posted but none of them work

and I belive it has to do with a cab file or it could be the ROM.

Heres what I got for my I-Mate

ROM version 1.72.00WWE

ROM date 03/15/04

Radio Version 1.14.00

Proocol 1337.24

ExtRom 1.72.126

MMS composer

Dont know if thats going to help but correct me if am wrong here, Am I not suppose to configure the composer with settings other then the T-Mobile GPRS settings. I dont know what I am doing wrong.

Help :cry:

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