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Outlook 2003 Sync Question

Guest DylJones

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Guest DylJones

Hi there! This is my first post here so go easy on me :(

I used to visit the smartphone forums a LONG time ago when I had the original SPV but I've moved on since then. :)

I have a SPV M1000. On both my home and work PC's I have Office Outlook 2003. Now then, in Outlook 2003 you can assign a photo to a contact. Also, on the M1000 you can assign photos using the Photo Contacts software which is pre-loaded.

I wouldn't have thought it would take a huge effort of programming to link the two together but they don't (unless I'm doing something wrong).

Am I being stupid or does it just not work?

I have lots of other questions I'm bursting to ask but I'll start off nice and easy... :(

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This question was asked a little while ago and someone started work on a program to deal with the Sync of the photo contacts. I dont think that program ever got finished though. It would be good to have that though.

Anyone willing to take on the challenge?

I have lots of other questions I'm bursting to ask but I'll start off nice and easy...  

Post em up and lets see if we can get the MoDaCo Phone Edition buzzing!

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Guest DylJones

Great! Thanks for getting back so fast!

It just seems silly to me that the features are there on BOTH formats but don't sync!

Post em up and lets see if we can get the MoDaCo Phone Edition buzzing!

Right then!

*cracks knuckles*

I'll try not to duplicate any existing posts but I'm afraid I haven;t had the time to read through everything so far.

Here we go...

1) Voice Software

I bought myself a copy of Neuvoice XDA Navigator yesterday. I haven't had much (any actually!) time to play with it yet but it seems like it might be ok. I think it's a bit silly that a high end phone like the M1000 doesn't have voice dial on it as standard! Anyway, is it any good?

2) Caller ID

Now the M1000 comes loaded with ID Caller ID (which is also called photo contacts for some reason?!?!) but in my opinion it's a bit poo.

I don't want a pointless little picture in the corner of a notification. If someone is calling me I want a FULL SCREEN alert with a massive picture and name underneath (or wherever!) like i had on my old P900 (particularly when my wife calls me :()

I'd also like to assign different ringtones to different contacts and/or groups so I know if I want to answer it before I take it out of my pocket :)

Is there anything around that can do all that?

3) Pocket PC 2003 2nd Edition

I read somewhere that the M2000 (XDA 3, etc, etc) will have this loaded. What are the changes and will there be an upgrade available for the M1000 (XDA 2, etc, etc) in the future?

(They just keep on comin')

4) Tomtom Packages

I'm thinking of getting Tomtom as my job involves a lot of travelling (plus it's a cool gadget :(). I have noticed that you can buy a package which has the software, bluetooth GPS reciever, PDA holder/charger and everything else you might need to get going.

This might be a question for Tomtom rather than anyone here but does the holder in the package fit the M1000? I can't imagine it would be a standard generic fit for ALL PDA's would it?

5) Notes and Outlook

I have various notes on my M1000 (some written, some voice). When I sync it with my PC, it seems to get a little confused. I have a few WAV's in MY Documents which I put in there to use as various notifications for SMS, etc. When sync'ing it seems to pick them up as notes rather than normal files and then says that it's unable to resolve the items. Should I just move the WAVs somewhere else and just leave notes in the root of My Docs?

6) (last one!) Ex-Problem

A couple of weeks ago my M1000 went through a funny phase. If i opened the camera app I could take pictures fine. But if I went to opent the album (either through Start-Programs OR via the camera app) then the phone would reboot.

It's stopped doing it now. All I can think of is that at the time I had set the camera to store new pics and videos on the storage card rather than in My Docs. I've now changed this back but why would it cause it to reboot?

Anyways, that's all I have for now. I'm sure more will come.... Thanks for reading this far! :(

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