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M1000 alarm queries

Guest Ian

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I'm thinking of getting an M1000 and have a few queries regarding its use as a alarm clock.

1) There seem to be several issues with IPAQs and the alarm function, e.g. it doesn't wake the machine up when it goes off etc. Can someone with an M1000 confirm whether the alarm (the clock one, not the calendar ones) works OK, i.e. can you set an alarm then switch the thing off, and will the alarm still fire OK?

2) If the unit needs to be left powered on for the alarm - does a full charged battery have enough power to go through the night (say 7-8 hours)?



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Guest DylJones

Hi Ian!

I have to say that I took precautions the first few times I used the alarm but it does work.

Like with an iPAQ, pressing the power button on top of the M1000 doesn't actually power it off completely. If you recieve a call or SMS while 'powered off' the screen comes on and displays whatever's happening.

The same goes for the alarm. I just set it, press the power button and it's done! The battery lasts fine. I have a power gauge installed that shows me remaining battery time. I went to sleep the other night with 3:05 left and woke up 7 hours later with 2:57 left! (that's hours and minutes, by the way)

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I had some issues with the alarm on my SPV M1000, not ringing when it should resulting in me oversleeping...

But check this:


It gives the explanation on how it fails to give proper alarms every now and then, and fixes it. I've been using this tweak for 3 months now and never had a failing alarm again.



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