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Bluetooth Activesync

Guest DylJones

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Guest DylJones

Hey guys!

I'm trying to connect my M1000 to my laptop (which has built-in bluetooth) to use with Activesync.

I have created a bluetooth serial port on the laptop (COM7) and can connect to the M1000 (i.e. the BT icon in the sys tray turns green).

The laptop is bonded with the phone. Definitely. It's there.

When I go to the OTHER bluetooth menu in the Settings folder and click on the Bluetooth Activesync Setup button it says:

'Please start bonding with the other Bluetooth device which supports serial port or Activesync profile as you Activesync partner!'

I've ticked both boxes for serial port setup (i.e. Com4 Inbound and COM5 Outbound) and changed the COM port in Activesync to COM7 as per the serial port on the laptop.

Can anyone give me some advice on this please?


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