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Hard Reset for O2 XphoneII

Guest cslouise

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Guest totallyyourzone

Can anyone tell me how to do a Hard reset on O2 XphoneII?

Please help!!!!!


1. off your xphone 2

2. press and hold left + right soft menu key

3. while still holding left+right soft menu key, press the on/off button ONCE and RELEASE.

4. keep left + right soft key pressed until you see the message:

"Press 0 to restore fatory setting, other key to quit"

5. press 0 and wait for the phone to boot up, the restoring of factory default will begin and will ask to reboot your phone when done.

Alright guys, I finally have to resort calling the O2 in Singapore to get the O2 Data Connection Kit.

Get it from this link:


This is ONLY for Xphone II owners whose fingers were itchy enough to have hard formatted/cold boot their phone and have lost the O2 Connect as well as the operator auto config facility on their Xphone II.


i stupidly hard formatted/cold boot my xphoneIIm just trying to save time on deleting all previous contacts insted of one by one.

when it rebooted it had no settings for Australia and no o2 connect

I am waiting on the Australian o2 service center to reply back to my sos emails.

I then found this blog and just tryed file anyway on my xphoneIIm any way.

It installs fine through active sync.

I got back my data connections telstra optus vodaphone ect:)

So now i can get back on net and also recive emails.

(asia data connections)

But my o2 connect isnt working that was installed it says

"o2 connect app is designed for o2 devices,which cant run on other devices"

Can any one tell me what features come on o2 connects xphoneIIm version?

Also do you think would i be able to just get the o2 connect installation

file for xphone IIm from o2 or there service center/repairers?

Insted of sending it away?

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