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pics of Cingular's leather case for the MPx220.

Guest ozziegn

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Guest ozziegn

okay, after searching left and right for a decent case for my MPx220 I think I finally found the ticket. (sorry about the large pics but I cant stand it when people post 2 inch X 2 inch pics of their phones or etc.... I like to look at nice, clear pics without having to squint to see what I'm looking at. :D )

it came from Cingular and I lke it. some people will say that cases like these absolutely kill the looks and appearance of a phone but I dont think its too bad considering how much protection the phone will have.

here's some pics:



as you can see from the next two pics, the case does not obstruct any buttons or the SD access port. I cant say that about past cases for my other phones.



this shot shows how nice the case clears the phone's connector. again, nothing in the way when using the data cable or battery charger,


and last but not least, a shot of what the case looks like on the inside.


-all in all I've very happy with this case and I feel like its top notch quality unlike what you'd see from one of these $15 Best Buy cases that either dont fit worth a darn or they just plain outright look like doggy-doo.

oh, and did I also mention that I only paid $10.99 for the case shipped 2nd day FedEx from Cingular? it pays to have really good friends on the inside. :D

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(i certainly appreciate the high-quality, big pictures!) how's the sound quality given the 2 small holes in the earpiece area?

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Guest cothrang

Any way of getting a location for us common folk to purchase? <smile>

A model number for the case? Link to Cingular's website? <smile>

Thanks for any and all help, and GREAT pics!


MPX 220


CoPilot Smartphone

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I have this case too and, despite it not being the best-looking thing around, it is certainly functional and protects the phone.

Sound quality is not hampered at all. The belt clip is great.

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