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low Signal Problem

Guest welby

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Hi folks,

I have an original SPV and it has a very low signal indicator when I use my vodaphone sim. When I insert an Orange sim in I get no signal whatsoever.

I have a spare Nokia 3310 and when I put the sims in this phone the signal is full! Both Orange and Vodaphone sims!

I have tried all the usual things like reset and reloading firmware, cleaning the sim connectors, erasing sims..etc etc.

I was beginning to wonder if the phone has a serious fault.

I wonder if anyone else has this problem? Apart from that the phone works ok.

Thanks in advance.

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You will find some Nokias do have a more powerful antenna but

with the differences between the networks this will be due to where the masts are located.

What ROM do you have on your phone? as some of the newer roms may help and improve the signal slightly.

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