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Help ! AirplaneMOde won't turn off !

Guest c_62

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I have Qtek 7070 with the latest ROM, since couple days ago my qtek start to enter the AirPlane Mode, and when i try to torn it off, it gives me nothing.

Usually when i turn on the phone without SIM card, it won't enter the OS, and it will display "Enter SIM .... etc", nut now I can enter the OS without any SIM installed.

When I checked in About, the radio version come up with "0", help ?

I have re flash the ROM, bit it still gives me nothing, Also when i trien to Hard Reset , it won't come to "Erase IPSM ", after pressing action key it hang on white screen and it won't change until the battery is dead.

So, for all the expert in the field please share your expertise in my problem, Is there any way that I can upgrade the boot loader only ???

Please help me !

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