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Problem (Please Help People)

Guest xplod3

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Guest xplod3

Hi all,

I have an XDA II which i brought an E200 Charger from my local shop to charge and its now i think charging.

Well the Green lights on the Handset.

Now i need to get rid of all the infomation on the phone and basically clean it and format so i think a Hard Reset will do the job this is where i am having problems!

I Pressed the On/Off button while pressinf the Reset button with my pen but all that comes up is

a box sayng ' The power is insuffient to... etc)

another thing i tried is pressing the on/off and the up key and reset button i get text on the screen saying:

USB and at the bottom V.1.06

and if i take the charger out it removes the USB with Serial on it...

Basically i want to hard reset but i dont know how ? and most tutorials are on the SPV etc,

And it says low battery wbut i have the battery on the phone dose the Green light means its charging or the red one when i put it on charge it goes red then the phone goes on and the light turns green so how is it means to charge ?

thanks alot people!

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Guest unicron

im not sure that the hand set is charging cause if its like the m1000 then the light should always be yellow when charging and a constant green when charged, when not being charged it will flash green, if you dont have an xda2 cradle to charge it go to an O2 store and get one.

red means the battery is too low to do much.

i am sure that is the problem, i would deffo try to get hold of an xda2 charger or cradle then when its fully charged take it out of the charger then hold down the standby switch at the top(on/off switch) whilst your stylis is insertes in the little hole in the bottom corner.

if you have any more problems come back and some one here should help you, or i can see what else could be an issue

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