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GotW: Eclipse

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GotW: Eclipse

This week's game, and our first 'Game of the Week' is, of course, Eclipse from Alien Invention... a game that is very close to MoDaCo's heart!


You'll find details of the game below, and we've tracked down muff, developer of Eclipse, to give us the lowdown ;)

Hi and thanks for speaking to MoDaCo! Please introduce yourself!

Hi I'm muff - coder and general all-round tech tinkerer - if it's invisible and you can't tell it's there - then I did it :D

midnight (my partner in crime) did all the graphics and pretty much all the level design on this one...

Describe Eclipse in your own words

Eclipse is an homage to all the great shoot-em-ups of the past. All those arcade games that we played as kids from R-Type to Salamander and everything in between - it's an ideal genre for mobile phone games - pick up and play - easy to learn, hard to master :D

What makes Eclipse worth buying above other Smartphone games?

It's an award winner for starters (http://www.pocketpcmag.com/awards) :D

Even when you are just looking at the game, graphically it's still one of the best Smartphone games out there (kudos to midnight on that), even though it's been out a little while now.

This is due to the fact that when we made Eclipse we made a conscious effort to squeeze every drop of CPU power out of the phone, which means that everything is pushed to the max. Just some of the stuff we crammed in there...

- 7 Levels of fast arcade action (each one is about 5minutes of gameplay)

- 2 Different ship types a.. Upgradable Weapons (cannon, bomb, shield, speed)

- Over 40 different animated enemy types

- Particles, Weather and other special FX

- 16bit graphics

- Full stereo music, sound effects and speech

- Rumble Mode

and all of this works on an original SPV :D

Only now is some of this stuff being implemented by other people

What can we expect to see next from Alien Invention?

We've got several projects on the go at the moment - so I guess you'll just have to wait and see :D

Head over to the MoDaCo Shop here to download a demo version of Eclipse... and get shootin' :D


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Hey there, i downloaded the demo version to see what it's like, then when i run it, it asks for a code!!?

does the demo not even let me have a little play of the game?? or do i need to do something to get the code it asks for, to play the demo??

any help!!? :?: :roll:

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It does look like a quality game. I'll give the demo a try.

Is it me, or if you do GotW every Wednesday it's not going to take long to run out of good games?

I haven't read everything that's been put up about these new topics, but it would seem to be tricky to do every week.. there being 52 weeks in a year and all.

Even if it was GotY it would still only take 6 month to cain all the good games.

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