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Wi-fi on 8390?

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Guest Magnetic_dud


here says:

If you own Sagem myS-7 then you can just get SDIO Wi-Fi card and download the drivers and you will get Wi-Fi in your Microsoft Smartphone!

the Sagem myS-7 is the mitac 8870!

In their website mitac says that even the 8870 haven't the sdio support!

socket have made an unuseful driver?

read the doc


it's seems to be ONLY for the 8870 :?:


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Guest schriss

I think our 8390 is SDIO capable, mitac says it isn't because they don't want to support this and provide drivers. But since Socket made the drivers, they will probably work on all smartphones, someone just have to try and test...

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Guest Magnetic_dud

And is gapi fixed!

(copied form mio-tech.com)

To prove the point, we're offering 11 games for free (total value of EUR 80) with the purchase of the Mio8870.

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Guest bladerun

Does anyone have an SDIO card with a Windows Mobile 2003 driver to test on a Mitac 8390?

It could be a great news to know that out phone supports SDIO expansions!!

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