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PocketMem 1.0.0

Guest gpcarreon (MVP)

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Guest gpcarreon (MVP)

PocketMem by Thomas A. Bittel

License: Freeware


PocketMem supports you in organizing your Smartphones memory.

When you are one of that kind of "early birds" owning a Windows Mobile Smartphone, you will have recognized that available memory of your device is getting less and less from one day to another.

Unfortunately there is no built in functionality to find out these "memory eaters", wasting your precious memory of your Smartphone.

Using the built in file manager makes it not easier to make this job done.

Exactly this lack of functionality is solving PocketMem!

PocketMem provides you an overview of:

    * The most biggest folders

    * The most biggest files

    * The newest files

    * The latest changed files

Directly within this overview you will have the ability to delete or move files/directories in order to free memory.

Software is developed in C# and therefore requires Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework Version 1.0


post-12251-1120637862_thumb.jpg post-12251-1120637887_thumb.jpg post-12251-1120637913_thumb.jpg



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Guest tsutton

Maybe it's just my phone - SPV C500, but I can't install it on my memory card - anyone seeing the same thing?

Had to install it on the internal memory.

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Guest chucky.egg

Same here, but it aint big (it reports it's own size as 108,872 bytes :) )

I like it. Not something you use everyday, but very useful now and then I imagine.

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