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Midtown Madness Game Review

Guest awarner

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Guest awarner [MVP]

Midtown Madness 3 Mobile 3D

Racing game by In-fusio for the Smartphone 2003

Summary :

All the excitement, all the action, all the danger of the console version - now for mobile gamers!

Description :

For the first time, players will have all the excitement, the action, the danger, the how–can–we–say–it…the MADNESS of Midtown Madness 3 for XBOX in their hands, wherever they go. Race against the clock to get the best time! Crash through whatever gets in your way as you fulfill your career objectives, but remember, the clock is always ticking!! It’s all here in Midtown Madness 3 Mobile; Mobile Gamers never had it so good!

One game I have been looking forward to playing, Midtown Madness is based on the original game Midtown Madness 3 Mobile 3D is a racing game where you have to drive around Paris either passing check points or completing a set mission.

There are three modes of game play available,

The first is career mode,

Players have to compete against the clock or race a computer-controlled vehicle intent on beating you. There are two types of career starting with an ambulance driver. The first mission is to collect people from around Paris and take them to the hospital in a specified time. Once you have completed the ambulance missions you then have the delivery van career where you have to race against the computer to complete your missions.

post-53-1125499310_thumb.jpg post-53-1125499368_thumb.jpg post-53-1125499350_thumb.jpg

The next option is Checkpoints,

This is the more regular style of race where you race against 4 computer-controlled vehicles through series of checkpoint which must be completed in the correct order.

You initially start with only a choice of two vehicles but as youcomplete more missions and races other vehicles are then accessable to race with.

The third game mode is Blitz

You need to complete the first level or Checkpoints to unlock this game mode, This is a free for all race where you race against 4 other vehicles through checkpoints that can be passed in any order. The first to complete all checkpoints with the lowest time wins.

post-53-1125499425_thumb.jpg post-53-1125499469_thumb.jpg post-53-1125499505_thumb.jpg

Actual gameplay,

Initially I found the controls took time to get used to, but with a bit of practise the basic movement with the controller was easy to use as long as you remember to brake once in a while ;)

For those that prefer using the keypad there are more options available to you rather than a basic left rignt and brake\go back. You can mix controls but again it takes time to get into the feel of the game.

The only thing I did not like was the lack of control when reversing while using the control pad. Unlike using the keys you can only move straight back which made correcting mistakes more tricky (perhaps I should be a better driver :) )


I was pleasantly surprised that there are options in the game to change the graphical layout of the ammount of cars and trees on the road. Presumably for slower devices you can also turn the details of the cars off and reduce the resolution by half.

I had no problem on my C500 with the game running and all options turned on.

Over all a very good game and one I will be playing time and time again.

Available from www.clickgamer.com

Cost is $14.95 | £8.37 | €12.24

To by the game or more details visit ClickGamer

NOTE: This game does not support higher resolution devices like the C550 but is still very playable and because it plays in a smaller window actually looks better than on the C500 and plays slightly faster.

post-53-1125499275_thumb.jpg post-53-1125500797_thumb.jpg post-53-1125500843_thumb.jpg

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Guest Pondrew

Hmmm. Tried an early beta of this and didn't like it. :?:

I found the controls rather difficult to get used to and the (admittedly early) version I tested had awful sound (more specifically the engine noise!). Gonna try out the latest version though to see if it's changed...

What have been others impressions? From early posts this was quite an anticipated title...

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Guest dolphinsmile

The full version is fun for a while. The controls are still strange the handbrake turns dont work and the sound is still very poor, the programers should be ashamed of that engine noise.

I think they may be as they included a button to turn it off.

The graphics look impressive though.

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Guest awarner [MVP]

Hand brake turns work really if you use the keypad and not the joystick on the

C500 but you can use joystick and keypad on the C550 as it does not have a

multipress issue.

As for the engine noise I don't normally have my games volume up really loud so I do not notice the engine noise too much.

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