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Its Mr Pants for Smartphone !

Guest Disco Stu

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Guest Disco Stu

Its Mr Pants by In-fusio

Smartphone 2003

Summary :

Who's loosing his pants when playing fancy coloured Puzzles? It`s Mr. Pants!

Description :

Mr. Pants, an undergarment designer, took off a few days to design a series of addictive puzzles. With this new puzzle signed by Microsoft, Rare and In-Fusio, there are a few hours of hard thinking in store on their mobile for brain-teaser fans!

Mr. Pants offers hours of brain-straining twists and turns. The Puzzle, Marathon and Wipeout modes challenge you to both create and eliminate shapes as quickly and efficiently as possible - how much progress you can make before the underwear-themed craziness gets to you?

Mr. Pants Features :

* Progressive gameplay

* Reflexion and addictive game

* Interactive help system

A surprisingly (and at times quite maddeningly :o ) tricky puzzle game that brought a smile to my face with its cute lo-fi graphics. Using the keypad numbers you have to move the shapes around the screen, rotating as necessary, to complete or create coloured rectangles which then dissolve to clear the screen.

Its as simple as it sounds or, at least, it is to begin with. I would have loved to include a screenshot with a decent level completed but couldn't manage it today :roll:

You'll need to do some thinking to progress with this one.


There are 3 different modes of play :

Firstly the simple puzzle.


Secondly there is the Wipeout mode where you have to sort out all the shapes within the time allotted.


Finally there is the Marathon mode. You get an unlimited number of shapes to make unlimited numbers of rectangles in the available time. Watch out though, because the playing field is getting smaller !



With yer fantasy-quest type games I tend to think 'yeah whatever' and give up quickly but I just know this will keep me occupied until I complete all the puzzles. It may look daft but you'll need to be smart to get the better of it.

I had no problems playing it on both the C500 and the C550. You get the black border with the C550 but funnily enough I didn't really notice it until I came to do this review. The only 'quirk' is the automatic installation to phone memory with no choice of storage card but you can move it there yourself and rebuild the shortcut easily enough.

Game is available from ClickGamer

$12.95 | £7.00 | €10.31

Click Here to buy


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