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Sabrewulf Game Review

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Sabre Wulf by in-fusio

For Smartphone 2003 OS

SabreWulf for Smartphone - a great graphic adventure combining exploration and frantic platforming action!

Description :

Based on the GBA game, this platform adventure game will let you play Sabreman, the famous adventurer. Through 15 huge platform levels, armed only with an affinity for the creatures that you find along the way, you must follow in your adversary's wake, reclaiming the stolen treasures as you hunt SabreWulf to a final showdown.

Sabrewulf Mobile Features :

A well-known licence (Game Boy Advanced version recently released to critical acclaim)

Colored and funny graphical atmosphere, closely sticking to the GBA version (15 levels, 8 kinds of ennemies,…)

Mixed platform and adventure game play for better and deeper gaming experience

SabreWulf is based on a GBA game of the same name.

Your mission as Sabreman is to find all the treaure that has been stolen by Sabrewulf. When you have found one of the stolen items you must get back to your tent as quickly as you can, if not Sabrewulf will get you!

Actual Game play

This review was tested on 4 phones : mpx200, spv E200, spv C500 and the spv C550.

The game starts off with Sabreman at his tent, with each level you have to search for one of the stolen items, you also need to be on the lookout for pieces of an amulet which will enable you to put Sabrewulf in prison.

To help you with your mission you can collect various animals along the way. These animals are used to help you to get to places that you cannot reach on your own, some can be also be used to destroy a nearby enemy.

The game itself is easy to start with, as you are given an in-game tutorial as you find new items, but does gets harder later on with a lot a of jumping and using the correct animal to help you when a wall or cliff is too high for you to reach. When you have found the stolen item you have to get back to the tent as quickly as you can while at the same time being chased by sabrewulf.

The game itself has music on the opening title but throughout the game there are only sounds when you find an animal or item. It is a shame that there is not a catchy tune to accompany the game, but it is a good game to play at work because of the lack of sound.


The game uses the joy pad and the keypad, the joy pad for moving left and right and the keypad keys for jumping, or you can choose to just use the keypad.

The C500 was found not to be suitable with this game if you use the joy pad, but it is playable if you only use the keypad for your controls. Using keys only can be difficult though.

The mpx 200 worked ok but because of the sunken joy pad it was at times hard to control the hero, but overall ok.

The best 2 phones for the game were the old E200 and the C550, mainly because the joy pad worked better and it was easier to use. The game overall seemed to work better on these two phones.

The only problem for the C550 as such was the screen size, with the usual postage stamp screen centered in the middle of the display the game is still enjoyable on this phone. Maybe there will be an updated version that would give you the full screen play.


The games graphics are nice and run smoothly on all the phones that I tested the game on, The game play itself starts off very easy but does get harder from level 4. The further you get the more of a challenge you have, overall it’s a good game.

The game costs $12.95 | £7.04 | €10.42

Available to buy from www.ClickGamer.com

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