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Which UK carrier and which 3G Tariff?

Guest JampoTT

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My C500 contract has already come to an end. So far I've resisted getting the JasJar simfree, as I'd prefer to take out a new contract and take a branded device complete with all the correct Operator settings.

Partial weight in my decision is (of course) who will release first. Possibly O2 with T Mobile just behind. No idea about Orange yet, and unless Voda are well priced, I'm not considering them yet...

I do like the grey O2 XDA Exec versus the silver MDA Pro :o

But which carriers are going to be offering the best monthly deal for someone who:

1) sends 500+ texts

2) 20+ MMS

3) 200ish voice minutes

4) god-knows how much GPRS / 3G if the network is as good as it should be...

I know T Mobile will be offering a Web & Walk offering, and maybe a good data bundle - but Orange are usually very miserly (except from the unlimited GPRS with the first SPV!)

Any ideas? Any pointers?

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Orange are doing a 1GB/month for free for 3 months for new 3G tariffs at the moment.

I have both an Orange 3G and a Vodafone 3G account. Vodafone is more expensive (£30/month for 250mins + 250 texts or £25 of data) but has by far the best signal coverage for high speed data.

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Guest ricmoo2003

I have JasJar and i am on O2 Max tarrif with carphone warehouse. Yesterday I went instore and bought a 3g sim card keeping my number and everything for 9.99 I am waiting for it to be delivered.

I am not sure what I can do with 3g on this phone. does anyone have it working on the jasjar yet, if so could you give me a brief rundown of what it means to me as a user to be 3g enabled.

also does anyone knw what its likely to cost with O2's 3 service



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