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Useful tips: GPS and Bluetooth Voice Command

Guest inspectorgadjet

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Guest inspectorgadjet

I found this post on XDA Developers and I think it will be most useful:

I've been playing with the registry of my JASJAR and have found a few tips I will share.

WM5 built in GPS control panel

For some reason this is not active in the settings of the JASJAR. To make it visible do the following:

Fire up a registry editor

Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINE\ControlPanel\GPS Settings

Delete the DWORD marked "hide"

Add a DWORD called "Group" and give it the value of "2" (dec)

The GPS panel will now show up in your connection settings.

MS Voice Command activation from BT headset

Now this one is sweet and makes the JASJAR the daddy for voice commands.

Install Voice Command to the default location.

Fire up a registry editor


Modify the string marked "path" from the default \Windows\SDDialer.exe to \Program Files\Voice Command\VoiceCMD.exe

Now, when you press your BT headset connect button, MS Voice command will fire up and take commands through the headset. It's reponses will be played through the headset too.

Hope you like them.

The GPS control panel definitely shows up, but I haven't actually tried to do anything with it yet.

I haven't tested the bluetooth Voice Command yet, but I will do so tomorrow with my bluetooth car kit. I gave my bluetooth headset to a friend recently, and haven't bought a new one yet.

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