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File Installation

Guest gpcarreon (MVP)

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Guest gpcarreon (MVP)

There are a few different ways to install software and home screens, they are as follows:

1. .exe file self installer / setup launcher

2. .exe file to be run directly from the phone

3. .cab file

4. .hme file (home screens)

5. .xml + .jpg (etc)


When installing always try to choose Install to Storage Card option to save space on the phone. Read description for each file type then use the sample file attachments to understand differences between them.

1. *.exe self installer or also known as setup launchers

- This type is nice and easy, make sure the phone is plugged into the PC and Activsync is running.

- Double click the installer icon and the app will self install to the phone.

- You will get a message to check your phone, on the phone you should see on the screen the option to install the app or not.

- Select OK and the app will install, you will be given the option to install to storage card or Phone

Sample file:

2. Phone executable file *.exe

- This file needs to be place directly on the phone,

- Open Activsync and click on Explore,

- Go to the storage card and place the .exe file there, (you can create subfolders on the card if you wish to make things neater)

- Right click the file on the Storage card and select Copy

- Now go to \IPSM (or Storage) \Windows\Start Menu right click and choose Paste shortcut this will place a shortcut in your Programs menu, again you can create subfolders if you wish.

Sample file:

3. *.cab files

- Now these files are another easy install

- With the phone connected to the PC open Activesync and go to IPSM (or Storage) \Windows\Start Menu\Accessories

- Place the cab you wish to install there (keep a copy on your PC for safe keeping)

- Now on the phone if you go to Accessories folder you will see the cab file you have just placed there, select the cab and it will self install and give you the option of where on the phone it wants to install to.

- Once the install is completed the cab will be automatically deleted so there is no tidying up to do after.

4. *.hme files

- This file is one way to install homescreen's to your phone

- Basically follow the instructions for installing cab's the only difference is it will not ask you where you want to install the homescreen.

Sample file:

5. *.xml + *.jpg (etc) packed in ZIP or RAR archive

- You will have unpacked a zip or rar file (but not a cab file) and got these.

- Simply copy them into \Storage (or IPSM) \Application Data \Home.

Sample file:

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