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check me k-jammed this time

Guest deepak

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chk http://www.kjam.mobylog.com

i am loving the device..but have just managed to hard reset it 60 times...to get skype working...tried all sort of extended rom upgrade changes but no use...trying finally the new rom they say on dubai forums is free of the bug..

dont worry chill and buy...its a new device with new operating system...and i love freaking around with it......its got everything we ever wanted and mostly all old 2003 games and softwares work cool on windows mobile 5....and also do the smartphone ones work...funny...only no touch screen operations...viz opera does work cool....

important links u shall need when k-jammed...








on second thoughts....after trying everything above for more then a month and hacking the rom to get all that is said in all the above forums i still could not get my skype working..The biggest difference though was the increase in speed of operation overall..

so i was using some other rom for some other device...I did finally download the 55mb rom(said to be the one shipped with the product)..

WOW everything for me changed automaticly...speed is now faster then even the other rom i upgraded...there is no skype on this rom means for sure imate realised that this is the one which was creating all the problem...

Now the phone rocks without any hack and security question though asked while loading a software but does not stop me from using it any a way...so go for it.(u have to be a member at the clubimate with a valid imate phone with IMIE numbaer to download .(THIS IS THE UPDATED ROM)

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