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Orange delays - pure speculation

Guest AndyBond

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Guest AndyBond

EDIT: I'm a complete *&^* and put this in the wrong group - sorry guys :D please dont all shout too loud at once. was meant to be in universal not wizard (get confused with all these daft names) - if anyone can move it please do. hiding under my desk now.

As from the previous webchat we know orange are going to provide a rom update for direct push email - whats the chance they will include it from day 1, considering that sp2 for exchange is released??

SP2 Info

If they integrated from day 1 they would have a sensible (well better than nothing) explanation for delay and not have to worry about end users performing such an obviously impossible task of a rom update (i say impossible because other wise they would release plenty of updates).


P.S. anyone spot that the business website does state an extra battery included ;)

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