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Pink is the new black... The MDA Compact II

Guest Fleabag

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Looking at my MDA Compact II now, receiving it's first charge :)

Confirmation, at least according to the documentation and box, QUAD band, Windows Mobile 5.0, 128meg rom AND the Texas Instruments OMAP 850 processor at 195mhz (presumably the same as the HTC Wizard). Not sure this change of processor would be considered an upgrade :|

Look for a review soon...

I suppose there's one piece of good news, and that is that there IS now a Windows Mobile 5 HTC Magician(esque?) Pocket PC Phone (albeit with VERY different spec)

Oh, and I obviously chose the Graphite colour... :D

EDIT: Topic moved to HTC Magician section and news post made linking to it.

EDIT2: I'm almost certain this isn't an HTC Magician at all. Info seems to point to this being a new device called the HTC Charmer.

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