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XDA Exec - the box in itself is amazing!

Guest feeta

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I got my Exec today - the first thing I thought was "Wow - how do you open this thing?"

Once I got it open, I was amazed at how the box worked.

The top and bottom of it slide automatically in opposite directions so when you press the top compartment to get to the manuals/cds etc, the phone compartment slides out the other side! There are hidden compartments for accessories and lifting CD holders and everything

It's a work of art!

Anyone else have the same thoughts when they got theirs?

Feeta ;)

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Ok, here they are.

1 - Box as it comes - all closed up.

2 - The box with the 2 compartments sliding open. Press the top one out and the bottom one slides too! ;)

3 - the box with the compartments fully out.

4 - The top compartment of the box lifts up and folds on top of the main box.

5 - A sliding box pulls out from inside the main compartment.

6 - The box comes right out.

7 - The top folding compartment houses CDs and warranty cards etc.

8 - The full box in all it's glory!

there you go! :D









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Guest Pondrew

Smart! Must say that the attention to detail on HTC products (including accessories etc) has always impressed me, even if it did annoy me no end when they stopped supplying multi-region rechargers with their Smartphones.

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Guest supermoocow

Yep an interesting box...

Infact who could say that a box has a sense of humour...

A friend bought an exec and wouldn't listen when opening the box....

slid out after much pulling and pop exec hits the floor as box upside down ;)

Exec was ok thankfully.

Overall quality kit although I'm on my 3rd exec after 1st two broke (bad rom and speaker/sound failer on 2nd)

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