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Guest billybobflash


I've read post after post and clicked link after link on ROM updates for the Tanager and can't find any links that are not dead except Orange and SMART.....

I live in the US and don't think I can use the Orange ROM because of the app lock no OTA to remove it?? and know I can't use the SMART ROM because no way to unlock??

I just bought a SMART Amazing Phone on ebay with ROM unlocked.

So should I upgrade the ROM and where can I get the file it looks like imate or qtek would be best??? But all links go nowhere...

Thanks for any help you can give a newbie!!

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Guest SilverSamurai
Finally ;)  Found the one I really wanted... sooo nevermind :P  8)


i know it's almost ages!!!

what have you found out? can you share it with us newbies?

some of the downloads here aint working no more. especially the bootloaders.


thanks in advance ;)

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