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Changing ring tones alarms etc

Guest Steev

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Guest daftveggie

It's not hidden but you might be looking on your storage card for it, I've done that before

Make sure the file explore path is "My Device" should see it there

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Guest PayableOnDeath
Try \Windows\Rings

Pretty sure you can only use midis and wavs for notifications though...


itsnt that taking a step back thou, cos on my c500 WM 2k3se I could use midis wavs and mp3's(MP3's only after latest rom update from O) for ringtones alarms and other Notifications, now on my Vario I can use MP3 Midi and wav as ringtone, SMS Notifications seems to be only WAV's As is Alarms

oh why cant i use Mp3 and Midi for alarms(well at least midi files for alarms) i had a great midi file for my alarm, i still use my c500 as an alarm clock cos i cant get the midi to work and turning the midi to a WAV would be a great wast of space ;)

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Guest poleaxe

Hiya all; Don't know what i've not done but i've copied a message notification and an mp3 for a ring tone to the windows folder on my c600 but they don't show in sounds on the phone!

By the way I don't have a \Windows\Rings folder on the phone.

Help please

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Guest GordonTGopher
While were on the ringtone topic, does anyone know where i can get some common telephone rings? Like the ones that your home phone or office phone have.


Sorry only just seen this :oops:

I got a load from XDA Developers search for fantastic ringtones there.

I've got one that is a recording of an old tele 706 ( http://web.ukonline.co.uk/freshwater/t706.htm) the phone when I was growing up :roll: I thought it was from that thread but after a quick scan couldn't find it so I've attached it.


Edit to remove bad link


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