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ActiveSync over T-Mobile GPRS/3G

Guest amirjs

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Hi there,

Since getting the MDA Pro a month ago I have been happy with everything except for one fault.

I cannot ActiveSync with our Exchange Server over GPRS or 3G. It works fine over wifi or USB so I have ruled out a problem with our exchange server. I have also tried it out on a MDA compact (running WM2003SE) successfully which means the T-mobile network seems to be able to handle it. (btw we have been with orange until now and its been working with our C500s fine)

So my only untested variables are:

Windows Mobile 5

MDA Pro in general

my MDA Pro is a faulty unit.

So to help me eliminate these possibilities I would like your help as Tech support are not being too helpful!

Does anyone have an MDA Pro on T-Mobile that has successfully synchronised with their Exchange server over GPRS or 3G? I would also like to hear from anyone that has done it successfully with any other WM5 device over Tmobile...

If anyone on any network with a WM5 device is experiencing this issue please also speak up!

Thank you in advance for your assistance! :)

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