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HTC Universal: Leather cases /w holster


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is there any leather case /w holster like that one available;



This is a "real" case not a protective case like a number of others already available, meaning that you can simply take out your Universal and do not have to work fitted as part of the case.

Only disadvantage is:

it is not yet available and

Expansys seems to offer it exclusively.

(Not that I mistrust them in principle, but they always postpone already communicated release dates and also frequently change announced prices.)

Does anyone know who is the manufacturer of this case ?

They say "Premiere Systems", but I cannot find anything about such a company on the internet.


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doesnt it come with one?


Yes and no !

Actually it comes with one, correct.

But this "case" is more like a cover (you can *try* and use it portrait-wise) and you really win a prize if you manage to squeeze your device in !!!!

And once you have managed this you'll get a prize for pulling it out again (and then for not breaking it).

Really this useless case-thing is scandalous. Much too tight to use it.

My device, as said, is a Qtek 9000, technically identical with the JASJAR. Maybe the JASJAR comes with a usable case, don't know.

Anyway the cardboard package in which the Qtek was shipped is very stylish, also the Qtek itself (I love it). But the "case" is awful.

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Guest mstockham

I struggled to find a case, but have since found that the case that came with the ipaq 5550 fits the jasjar (M5000 in my case) perfectly. I am sure that you can buy this case directly too, I will have a trawl through my email to find the details. Very hefty belt clip!

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