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I called Orange today as the phone is still pissing me off by being so slow. New faults it's demonstrating this week include:

- Not being able to select menu options in the Orange phone system. So when I call 150 I go round in a loop. I now have to call Orange from my landline.

- Incoming calls don't ring. Silent. No vibration. Nothing. All calls now go to voicemail, which then bleeps at me afterwards.

I spoke to Orange about these faults and asked when the update would be coming. He said it is slated to be released in the next few days, but may push across into early January.

FWIW, I'm including the advice O2 are emailing out to Exec customers below.



o2 Response to Problems with XDA Exec

There is a ROM upgrade planned, which will increase quality and which should be released shortly for the XDA EXEC, unfortunately we have no exact timescales as to when this will be released.

To improve responsiveness of the device, there are a couple of changes which can be done. First of all try the following –

Please disable Error Reporting via Start > Settings > System > Error Reporting > Disable Error Reporting > OK.

You can also disable the O2 Active User Interface; this can be done via the following, and selecting a mode which does not include the Active UI -

O2 Exec & Mini S - Install Types

On Xda Exec It is possible to change between Personal, Corporate or Basic modes without having to hard reset (unlike Xda II range). Go to Start > Programs > Install Types


Active UI installed and running

MW, WAP & MMS settings preconfigured

This is the install type we should encourage customers to use in order to make full use of all Exec features.


Active UI not running (but will be installed)

MW, WAP & MMS settings preconfigured

For users that don't want the Active UI, but still want the convenience of auto configured settings.


Active UI not installed

No settings preconfigured

When you choose Corporate Mode you will be asked for a PIN, which is 0506 (zero five zero six)

We hope the above information helps, the ROM upgrade when released will be posted on our XDA web site www.my-xda.com

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Guest Jasonkruys
My M5000 is sitting in it's box waiting for a new update as it doesnt sync all my contacts and it's worthless to me as it is.

The new firmware can be downloaded from http://www.my-xda.com/xdaexec_soft.htm


The above firmware, is obviously, for the o2 XDA Exec. Just to make sure the un-initiated aren't confused.

The proposed update for the M5000, to be released by orange, is not yet available.

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Guest removed-14
Thanks for the info for the 02 exec - although I guess if I'm running in corporate mode and have turned off the error logging the updated ROM is pointless...


Thats what i was thinking

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Guest Confucious

I'm running my Exec in corporate mode so donLt need the update as I have no problems.

Wasn't the delay in releasing the M5000 because Orange were spending longer sorting out the bugs? LOL

My Exec is working fine with an Orange USIM - I'm just not looking forward to when I have to start paying for data!

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