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Search contacts by typing just part of the number


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I had a qtek 7070 about two years ago and one of the features I liked the most was the ability to search for contacts just by typing ANY part of a phone number OR name... If someone's number was 123456 I typed 456 in the home screen and I got him highlighted....

Now, the problem is that I got another Qtek 7070 today and I can't find where to turn this feature on... When typing number in the home screen, it finds the contact only if I start typing the number from the beginning (123.... in the above case). I tried upgrading it to Qtek 1.5 ROM but it is the same....

Any ideas?



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Guest christatedavies

Yep, I had this exact problem with my Treo 650. I was branded to Orange, and that meant the menu that allowed me to turn on this feature wasn't accessible.

I updated the firmware to a non Orange specific one, and the menu appeared and I activated it.

I don't know if its possible with your phone, but you said you used to have it, so could be something to look into.

Thanks, Chris

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