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Poor responce when soft turn on fix

Guest the_ape

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Guest the_ape

I found there are two things that were annoying with the XDA Exec when I got it, they are if the screen is closed you cannot see who is calling so you have to open it up, it then flips the screen and by the time you get chance to answer the call it's gone through to voice mail. Fix? well no real fix (unless HTC will take them all back and put a small LCD display on the outside of the case to see who is calling, a bit mistake leaving that out in my opinion!), however a soft fix is MS Voice Commander, then set it up to announce callers.

The other annoyance was when you opened it up and pressed the power button to wake it up it took 4-6 seconds to start to respond to screen/key-press. I tracked this down to Pocket Plus having the storage card free space display on the today screen, setup Pocket Plus to not display free space and it all responds a lot better.

Just a couple of pointers for those that are new to the Universal. If they have been pointed out before then sorry ;)

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