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HTC Charmer MDA Compact II rom version

Guest Pondrew

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So I expect there's only actually one rom version out there, at least only one here in the UK, but given the T-Mobile download site (which now seems to have been taken down :) ) stated an update would be out soon (from memory I think it said March) I thought I might as well start this off.

Here's my rom version info:

ROM version: WWE

ROM date: 11/14/05

Radio version: 01.12.20

Protocol version:

ExtROM version:

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Strange. Wonder why there would be two different extended roms on T-Mobile UK devices. I've double checked and I've definately got extended rom

Mine came from T-Mobile on Web N Walk, was yours direct from T-Mobile too or from an online retailer? Wonder if there's any actual difference in the bundled software/software builds...

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Where do you look up the ExtROM version no? If its in Settings>System>Device Information, its not there on mine. Though might be because I skipped the cab file, Signed_ExtendedROM_Version.CAB which seems to add the version no to the registry!

As for the March update remark, a lot of other providers (iMate, Qtek etc) are also annoucing new updates coming in Feb/Mar. Most likely the addition of PushEmail and A2DP.

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A quick update from T-mobile, I dropped them an email with regard to getting the AKU 2 updates and here is the reply......

Hello Scott

Thanks for your email about your MDA II.

I realise the date on the website has confused matters somewhat over the actual launch date.

I can confirm that T-Mobile Germany launched the latest ROM update for MDA's across their German network, and at the moment it's only compatible with German MDA's. This update should be available across the UK network by June at the latest, and it will include MSFP and AKu2.

Unfortunately I don't have an exact release date for you Scott, but I'm sure the update will be available very soon.

Thanks for taking the time to email me and I hope this information is useful. If there's anything else I can do, please reply to this email.

Kind regards

Email team

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Thats good news.

Now if only they could come up with an update that didn't mean having to re-install everything. I've just got my madc2 set up as I like it.

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Yep :)

Haven't installed the new rom yet as been busy at work and play (added to which my mk4 Golf gearbox apparently no longer includes a fifth/top gear :) )

Looking forward to checking out the new rom and comparing the rom versions, hopefully tonight.

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