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SMT5600 speakerphone & headset issues

Guest pndragon

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Guest pndragon

Hello all.

I am having issues with my Audiovox SMT 5600 where the speakerphone will turn on while im in headset mode.

I will be just using the factory headset supplied with my phone, listening to Windows Media Player... and if a call comes in, a text message gets recieved, or if I get some kind of notificatiion beep ... all the while I'm listening to WMP ... the speakerphone will turn on and when I return to WMP, my music will come out of both my headphones AND my speakerphone.

I have tried the following while still using the system to no avail:

- unplug and replug the headset so that the modes (profiles) toggle from Normal to Headset

- Switched the notification sound to vibrate in the Headset profile

- Started out in Silent profile before using WMP

- Turning down the phone's Earpiece Volume and back up

- Stopping WMP and Starting it again

- Muting WMP and unmuting it again

The only thing that works is a restart... sigh.

I haven't custimized my phone too much ... so I don't know if that could be a problem, but I honestly couldn't tell you if this started before or after I custimized my phone's homescreen because I just found out about it after I got some nasty looks from someone riding the bus with me...I guess my phone was too loud and since i had the headset on, I never realized my phone's speakerphone was playing the music too.

I use the "FaceOff" homescreen by MAK which requires the SmartMonitor plugin.

The only other plugins that MIGHT be used from startup are MobilOK's Tiny GPS, & RJ RJTime.

Please help!

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Guest pndragon

41 views and not a single person can at least atest to this happening to them.

I guess I'm just going to have to perform a reset, I'm assuming its just a compatibility problem with something I installed then.

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Guest pndragon

Just wanted to post what the problem was.

After posting this I went a month without playing my Worms World Party game, and then noticed that the aforementioned problem stopped.

Well, now I've come to the firm conclusion that Worms World Party causes the problem and that everytime I play WWP I have to reset the phone because it totally screws with the phone's sounds and volumes even after WWP is quit.

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