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SMT5600 Flashed with Dopod 565 ROM, 850MHz ok?

Guest derekyeu

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Guest derekyeu


I'm thinking to flash my SMT5600 to a Dopod 565 ROM because I have to have the ability to read/write Chinese. Will the phone still work on the 850MHz band?


Update (2-19-2006):

Well, since no one answers my question, I go ahead and install the Dopod ROM. Everything seems to work just fine. Even Opera Mini works now. I can't really tell if 850MHz is still working because I use TMobile in So. Cal. I do see both Cingular and At&t Networks in network selection though.

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Guest meoldchina

Hey Derek,

After you installed the chinese ROM can you still change the operating system to english like you could on the simple non smartphones?? for example on my chinese nokia you can swiitch it back to english display but still read characters although to actually type chinese you'd have to switch back..

i just wanna read chinese texts but still want an english OS..


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