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[new release] VJCandela - Torch control software

Guest vijay555

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Guest vijay555

Guys, not sure if this has been discussed on here yet, but I've written an app to use the Universal's flash as a $1000 torch.

There are two versions available, VJCandela and VJCandelaLite. The full version has a preliminary interface which I use in VGA, so unforunately it turns out it's a bit dodgy right now. I'll fix it soon.


However, I recommend you try it, and then switch to VJCandelaLite if you like the functionality.

Available on my webpage, www.vijay555.com.

This software is kind of free. I really need buy some new development tools, which will cost around 600 Euros. So if you like the software, please donate on my webpage, and it'll help me with future developments!

Many thanks...


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