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Silicone Case / screen protector(s)

Guest RickDawson

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Guest RickDawson

I've been looking for a case for my XDA Exec that I would be able to leave on whilst I use it.

I rather like the idea of a silicon case.


I have seen that there are suppliers in the USA that sell them, and on eBay there are imports from Hong Kong.

Does anyone know of a UK supplier?

I can easily get any other type of case, but i'd rather get a silicone one.

I have had mobiles with leather cases, that had a clear pvc front to them, and ones that slide into the case.

I got a silicone case for my mp3 player (creative zen) and it is the best case I have had for all portable devices I have ever owned.

If there is no uk suppliers, then where should I order it from?

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Guest pcsurgeonuk

i am interested in these cases 2.

can't find a single review of them on the web however. Anyone gone for it and got one of these?

I might go for it if get no response. Il let you know how it goes here if I do.


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I got a black silicon one on ebay from hong kong - it's ok, but doesn't fit particularly well (it's not bad, but I'm quite picky), and after a few days use it had started to come a bit loose, so I have stopped using it. It did have one redeeming feature in that it collected every single piece of dust, lint etc from your pockets - you knew your pockets were clean, but your case was filthy!

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Guest hughgw

I bought the e-bay Hong Kong one, "white" well sort of see through anyway. It fits mostly Ok, but the clamshell doesn't quite shut properly and it makes the whole thing just a little too big to fit in the Brodit car mounting! Can't win can you really!

PS should've said - the screen protector that came "free" with the silicon case is good. The serevice from HK was good too, about a week airmail

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