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i-Mate JAMin Rom on HTC Charmer

Guest Jygar

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Has anyone tried this I read in another topic that some has tried it but wanted to know if everything is going to work after the reflash.

Only had my MDA a day and really want to see if I can get Wifi Support I got this back from T-Mobile today which made me nervous:

Hello ***,

Thank you for your email about the MDA Compact 2.

You are correct that currently there is a problem with SDIO cards not working in the device. Unfortunately I cannot guarentee if the ROM updated scheduled for the second quarter of this year will resolve these issues or not.

The update is still currently in the process of being tested and as such the content of it is subject to change before the release date.

I'm sorry I could not give you a straight answer on this subject, I hope this does not put you off the idea of getting an MDA Compact 2 with us.

If I can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards


Escalation Desk

Technical Data & Multimedia Support (TDMS)

Cheers for any help.


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got  to  be...  sooner  the  better  ;)


Looks like the JAMin has just recieved its update, I am so tempted to try it. If it buggers up can i restore using the T-Mob ROM?

Also at this lack of action by T-Mob i am seriously considering getting the Vario at this rate, I am still within my return scope? What you guys reckon £50 for WiFi and a tacky KB and Pen(Stylus)?

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The Jamin ROM does seem to have a more solid 'feel' on the charmer - can't quite put my finger on it --- all seems to work much more solidly - except the camera unfortunately

Also unfortunately I can confirm the Jamin ROM - DOES NOT fix the SD Wi-fi issue (Feb ROM - Haven't tried latest).

I feel T-Mobile probably are fairly 'inocent' in all this - My view is that the Charmer is essentially a slighlty cut down JAMIN - lower res camera and no (or a disabled) wi-fi chip and that this probably causes a problem with SD wi-fi that it didn't even occur for anyone to check ---- a bit like where you sometimes have to disable an onboard piece of hardware on a PC Sys-brd for another peice of hardware of the same type you want to add yourself to work - or else they conflict

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Well, the Compact II update has long been anticipated as due in March. They're running out of time with regard meeting that one.

Still, here's hoping...

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hehe it still says the rom update is 'due in march 2006' on the website. But all correspondane ive had has said 'in the second quarter' which means due in June! so its obviously been put back, theyre just too damn lazy to change it on the website, i mean it took them weeks to work out that they had a picture of the wrong device on the download page....im not impressed, very sloppy work.

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