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M5000, TomTom 5, Bluetooth GPS & Bluetooth Headset

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Bought an M5000 off Ebay as I thought it would be the one stop shop to replace all my devices.

Surprisingly, transferring TomTom 5 from Dell Axim to this device went quite easy and TomTom allowed the device code change without a hitch. (I had previously emailed them with the url for the completed auction.)

As you can imagine, It was a little trickier configuring the GPS, but with help from here it now works.

I also purchased a Plantronics 510 Bluetooth Headset. This can pair with 2 devices at the same time, which is important as my "work" sim card is in my C550.


Bluetooth Headset performance whilst in TomTom is inconsistent. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn't. When it does, the GPS seems to disconnect until about 5 seconds after the call ends.

Generally throughout the day, TomTom (or the M5000) slows down. Keyboard presses can take 3 or 4 seconds to register on the screen. I've installed TomTom on the SD card including the Postcodes (found a fix on here), and memory seems to be running around 17Mb - Storage and 20Mb Program.

Any ideas what's causing all this? Would a Hard Reset help? Any news of a Bluetooth ROM update?



SPV, E100, E200, C500, M500, C550, M5000

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